[From Leo Radzihovsky:]

Let me try to summarize the result of this morning's organizational meeting and also update you on activities this week.

1. We decided on having 3 formal weekly meetings: Tue, Thur and Fri 10-11:30am, with Tue talk typically more formal and reserved for experimentalist-of-the-week or an outside speaker, Thurs a more informal blackboard seminar, and Fri dedicated to planned but informal and free-flowing discussion on topics agreed upon in the previous week and led by one or a couple of participants. Also as the opportunities (e.g., an expert on a subject of interest to many is in town) arise, Friday discussions will be substituted by a tutorial.

2. We will try to have weekly group dinners organized by Greg Fiete, starting tonight; please see Greg's earlier email on this.

3. I hope other group social activities (such as weekend hikes, bike rides, soccer games,...) will take place spontaneously as the workshop progresses. Regular group lunches, particularly following a seminar is a great way to facilitate further discussion and foster collaborations.